About VX

VX is a real-time, analytics platform, which provides insights into large and complex data for business decisions. It can be used in a variety of business areas across many departments both internally and externally. VX is a financial data aggregator, an OLAP engine, a FIX engine and a Web Server. Yet, for the final user it is just a set of web apps with a clear series of financial reports.

  • Analyze your portfolio
  • Create what-if-scenarios
  • Define custom dimensions and metrics
  • Identify patterns in trading
  • Consolidate your EOD data
  • Produce independent audit
  • And much more...

VX Apps

We offer a range of apps to help you manage your fix data.
Below is a selection of some of our favourites:

VX Market Depth Explorer

See any 'market data incremental refresh' inside a ladder. Identify unusual movements in the markets, video-replay the market movements.

VX Order History

Trace the history of specific orders. From order requests to pending orders, from partially filled to completion or cancellation

VX Developer

Let VX be your pivot table for your FIX data. Customize it with your own dimensions and metrics.

VX Time Activity

See when your traders enter and exit the market and get an immediate summary of their activities

VX Profit And Loss

See where you are making your biggest profits and losses, when and how. Issue margin calls.

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